Humanities, Arts and Sciences

Strategic Plan, 2013-2018

USP = University Strategic Plan, AASP = Academic Affairs Strategic Plan
Goal 1. Develop and maintain excellence in departments, programs, and centers within the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences. (USP Goal1AASP Goal 1)

G1. Objective 1 – Ensure that all departments, programs, and centers have adequate resources to provide excellent educational opportunities. 

G1.Objective 2 – Expand and diversify resources available in the college to support those departments, programs, and centers that raise the profile of the College or that have the potential to do so.
(USP G1.O1.S1)

G1.Objective 3 – Actively recruit and retain a variety of diverse students, faculty and staff.
(USP G4.02.S1: AASP G5.Objective 3)

G1.Objective 4 – Continue to develop and maintain curricular and co-curricular activities that broaden students’ knowledge, competence, and engagement.
(USP G1.O.2.S2: AASP G5.Objective 1)

G1.Objective 5 – Retain, encourage, and reward faculty distinguished by their creative and intellectually rigorous teaching and scholarship.
(USP G1.O3.S2: AASP G3.Objective 4)

G1.Objective 6 – Provide and promote a broad range of opportunities in the arts, humanities, sciences and mathematics for Iowa citizens.
(USP G5. Objective 3: AASP G6.Objective 4)

Goal 2.  Provide the strong liberal arts foundation necessary to develop the knowledge and understanding needed by citizens of a free and just society. (USP G1.O1.S2: AASP Goal 1)

G2.Objective 1 – Provide a liberal arts education that inspires critical thinking, creativity, innovation and openness to new ideas.
(G1.O2.S2: AASP G1.Objective 2)                                                            

G2.Objective 2 – Provide students with access to events that promote the arts, humanities, sciences, technology and mathematics, especially more interdisciplinary and international events that encourage engagement and participation.

G2.Objective 3 – Advance the arts of literacy, including of the written and spoken word, of the material world, of technology, of science and of mathematics.

G2.Objective 4 – Provide curricula that allow students to explore a variety of discipline specific opportunities, while also providing guidance for in-depth study within the discipline.
(USP G1.O2.S2: AASP G1.Objective 2, AASP G1.Objective 3)

G2.Objective 5 – Systematically explore opportunities to infuse concepts of diversity and globalization into existing curriculum and co-curricular activities.(USP Goal 4. Objective 1: AASP G5.Objective 2)

G2.Objective 6 – Capitalize on the unique learning opportunities in CHAS to provide faculty and students with experiences and environments that enrich their understanding of human diversity and global issues.
(USP G4.O3.S1, USP G4.O3.S2: AASP G5.Objective 4)

Goal 3. Continue to build upon our reputation as an academic community committed to student learning through teaching and scholarship. 
(USP Goal 1, USP Goal 2: AASP Goal 3)

G3.Objective 1 – Promote connections between teaching and scholarship.
(AASP Goal 3.Objective 1)

G3.Objective 2 – Provide opportunities for faculty to develop and build upon their potential as teachers and scholars.
(USP G1.O3.S1: AASP G3.Objective 3)

G3.Objective 3 – Actively recruit faculty with interests in working with students in the classroom and through creative endeavors, research, and scholarship and who have high potential to distinguish themselves as scholars.
(USP G1.O3.S1: AASP G3.Objective 2)

G3.Objective 4 – Strengthen the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences culture of community-engagement and increase the depth and breadth of campus participation.
(USP G5. Objective 1: AASP G6.Objective 2)

Goal 4.  Assist the university in being a leader in the state and nation in pre K-12 education. (USP Goal 3: AASP Goal 4)

G4.Objective 1 – Provide high quality content education to students pursuing careers in pre K-12 education.
(USP G3.O2.S3: AASP G4.Objective 1, AASP G4.Objective 2)

G4. Objective 2 – Conduct and expand rigorous and relevant scholarship that addresses the critical issues in pre K-12 education.
(USP G3.O3.S4: AASP G4.Objective 3)

G4.Objective 3 – Expand and improve the local, regional, national and global network of partners involved in discipline specific teacher education programs.
(USP G3. Objective 3: AASP G4.Objective 4)

Goal 5. Develop and sustain graduate programs and strengthen the connections between graduate and undergraduate education at UNI. (USP Goal 2: AASP Goal 2)

G5.Objective 1 – Promote a graduate education that stimulates creativity, problem solving, and the creation of new ideas and concepts. 

G5.Objective 2 – Find and secure resources to provide and maintain competitive compensation in order to recruit and retain high quality graduate students and build strong graduate programs.

G5.Objective 3 – Develop and reward models that integrate teaching and scholarship.

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