Academic Departments

  • Drawing Class

    The Department of Art is large enough that students can have experiences in a wide variety of artistic media, yet small enough that no one gets lost in the crowd. Students work closely with professors who are not only great teachers but also successful designers, artists and scholars with national and international reputations.

  • Students and Professor in Botanical Center

    Students majoring in biology are the next generation of scientists, researchers, health professionals and teachers. The Department of Biology offers students the opportunity to study a vast assortment of subjects, such as botany, ecology, evolutionary biology, anatomy and physiology, and biology teaching, just to name a few.

  • The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry provides a challenging program of study. B.A. and B.S. graduates are accepted by excellent graduate or professional schools. Those with chemistry – teaching certification or chemistry – marketing degrees are sought after for positions in schools or industry.

  • Speech and Hearing Clinic Therapy Session

    UNI’s Communication Sciences and Disorders program is ranked in the top tier nationally, and is unique in that it provides students with on-site experience in the department’s speech and hearing clinic. UNI’s Speech and Hearing Clinic is a fully operational speech therapy and audiology clinic.

  • UNI TV Class

    In the Department of Communication Studies, students and faculty study how people use messages to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, channels and media and how to promote the effective and ethical practice of human communication.

  • Computer Science Student

    The demand for IT professionals grows faster than universities can produce graduates. The discipline of computing continues to push the boundaries of what is possible by discovering new ideas, building new kinds of systems and bringing new tools into the home, school and office.

  • Geology Student Trip

    The Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences offers majors in Earth Science, Earth Science teaching and Environmental Science. Students have the opportunity to conduct independent research in each of those areas, using the department's state-of-the-art facilities.

  • Languages and Literatures Students in Modern Lanaguages Class

    The Department of Languages and Literatures is home to a diverse range of faculty whose interests in languages, literatures, cultures and writing meet the needs of today's students as they prepare to enter a highly competitive, globalized workplace.

  • Mathematics Class

    The Department of Mathematics has a long and rich history in mathematics education, a nationally acclaimed program in actuarial science, undergraduate and graduate degree programs in mathematics and has been recognized for a commitment to teaching.

  • Philosophy and World Religions Outdoor Class

    Philosophy is the art of clear and critical thinking about life’s big questions. The study of religion explores the practices and beliefs of religious people around the world, past and present. Students in the Department of Philosophy and World Religions refine their critical thinking skills, knowledge and adaptability to contribute to a rapidly changing global society.

  • UNI Physics Students at Mini Sumo Robot Competition

    Personalized attention, research opportunities and independent laboratory projects allow undergraduate students in the Department of Physics to work with sophisticated equipment and to learn what research in physics is all about.

  • Northern Iowa Symphony Orchestra

    More than 40 outstanding faculty teachers and performers help to make the School of Music one of the finest programs in the mid-west. The state-of-the-art facilities allow students to excel in programs from music education to jazz studies.

  • Electrical Engineering Students

    A major in Technology prepares students to obtain an entry-level supervisory or management position in a technical field or to teach at the secondary level. Programs prepare students for a variety of careers through hands-on and interactive learning environments that can give them an understanding of their chosen field.

  • 2010-11 Department of Theatre Production of Urinetown

    Theatre is a powerful tool for communicating ideas and entertaining people. The theatre program teaches the process of creating theatre and provides a variety of creative experiences. Theatre majors grow as communicators, problem-solvers and collaborators.