Students majoring in biology are the next generation of scientists, researchers, health professionals and teachers. The Department of Biology offers students the opportunity to study a vast assortment of subjects, such as botany, ecology, evolutionary biology, anatomy and physiology, and biology teaching just to name a few. Our students go on to pre-professional schools and graduate programs and obtain employment in government and industry.

Undergraduate Degrees: 
  • Bachelor of Arts

    • Biology

  • Bachelor of Science

    • Biology

Graduate Degrees: 
  • Master of Science

  • Professional Science Master's

    • Biotechnology

    • Ecosystem Management

  • Combined Degrees

    • Bachelor of Arts/Master of Science

    • Bachelor of Science/Master of Science

Undergraduate Majors / Emphases: 
  • Biology (general)

  • Biology – Teaching

  • Biomedical

  • Ecology and Systematics

Undergraduate Minors: 
  • Biology

  • Biology – Teaching