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First our students take foundation classes in the “3 C’s”: Communication, Context and Culture.

Interactive Digital Communication (COMM 2555) gives you a solid foundation in creative digital production skills and creative problem solving that you’ll need for all your other .ids classes. This is where you will learn Photoshop to manipulate digital images, Dreamweaver and WordPress to master the design and coding of websites and After Effects to get a taste of motion graphics and animation. But it’s not just a skills class - You’ll also learn about visual design, writing and graphic design history to give you powerful visual communication strategies to amplify your ability to articulate and communicate big ideas. 

Mass Communication and Society (COMM COR 1010) acknowledges that every media industry has been drastically impacted by the Internet and the digital turn. It combines discussions about the media, history, culture and focuses on how both media industries and audiences create our shared entertainment and information culture. The core ideas of this course are that a diverse media is essential to democracy, culture is an ongoing and cyclical process and media convergence is the future of mass communication.

Technology and Human Communication (COMM 4544/5544) gets you to begin thinking seriously about how the Web connects us, and what kinds of digital innovations are shaping our future. You will learn about the Internet as a positive, social networked sphere with a thriving creative commons, but you will also begin to see the dark side of our hyper-connected world: a digital culture plagued with questions about copyright, government and corporate controls and issues about privacy and unethical digital citizenship. You will also begin to consider how a life increasingly connected to digital tools is affecting our daily lives. 

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