Interdisciplinary Programs

  • Sustainability jobs span all types of companies, non-profits and government entities, and encompass a large realm of environmental and socially responsible professional career pathways. The demand for these jobs is ever-increasing as businesses turn to a new sustainable business model seeking to implement the “triple bottom line” of “people, planet, and profits.”

  • The Humanities program provides students the opportunity to develop intellectually in all arts and sciences offered at UNI, in a balanced manner specific to each student.

  • IDS Lab Work

    The .ids major is a customizable program of study that can be personalized to your own interests. It consists of three foundation courses, any two digital “bundles” of your choice and a practicum.

  • Science Education Students in the Botanical Center

    The interdisciplinary science education faculty, drawn from the science departments in the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences, is involved in preparing future elementary and secondary science teachers and providing professional development for current teachers.

  • The Women's and Gender Studies program relies on close collaboration between academic departments and embraces a pluralism of theoretical approaches, with an emphasis on feminist theories and pedagogy. The program fosters challenging academic inquiry, global awareness, social equality and civic engagement.