Philosophy & World Religions


Philosophy enables students to grasp the principles of human self-understanding, methods by which to interpret the thoughts of others, systems that integrate knowledge and ways of enhancing their own powers of self-expression. The skills of philosophy set the foundation for many different jobs requiring analysis and judgment, as well as for graduate and professional study toward college teaching, law, medicine, business and other professions. The study of religions examines how religion shapes the most fundamental convictions and attitudes of a culture, in this country as well as around the world. It fosters skills and perspectives for success in a range of employment situations and prepares students for graduate and professional study toward counseling, the ministry, teaching and community leadership.

Undergraduate Degrees: 
  • Bachelor of Arts
    • Philosophy
    • World Religions
Undergraduate Majors / Emphases: 
  • Philosophy
  • World Religions
Undergraduate Minors: 
  • Ethics
  • Religion
  • Philosophy
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Helen Harrington


Department Head / Director: 

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