The Women's and Gender Studies program is committed to serving the diverse members of the program, the university and the community by (a) developing and coordinating an interdisciplinary curriculum in women's and gender studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels, (b) offering public programming in women's and gender studies and (c) fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and supporting critical research in women's and gender studies. The program relies on close collaboration between academic departments and embraces a pluralism of theoretical approaches, with an emphasis on feminist theories and pedagogy. The program fosters challenging academic inquiry, global awareness, social equality and civic engagement. Follow our Facebook page to learn more and keep updated!

Graduate Degrees: 
  • Master of Arts

    • Women's and Gender Studies

    • Gender and Wellness

    • Gender and Violence Prevention

  • Women's and Gender Studies (graduate certificate)

Undergraduate Minors: 
  • Women's and Gender Studies