Welcome to the website for the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences at the University of Northern Iowa.

From visual arts to mathematics, from biology to communication studies, and from music to technology, our departments and programs span many disciplines. Through these diverse and challenging courses and opportunities for research, internships and other co-curricular activities, CHAS students develop skills that prepare them to succeed in a variety of careers in an increasingly complex world.

We are very proud of you, our alumni, and are very grateful for your continued support through campus visits, networking with current students and providing internship opportunities and financial support. Keep up with the College by visiting the link for our annual publication, Communiqué. You can also share an update with us via the link or by sending us an email. We love to keep in touch with each of our alums and hear how you’re making a difference. I always welcome your calls and emails.

John Fritch, Dean, College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences

Students at graduation commencement.