To Our Alumni

Welcome to the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences at the University of Northern Iowa. We are fourteen departments and three interdisciplinary programs, offering over 70 majors - our faculty teaches 40 percent of the student credit hours of the entire university. 

From visual arts to mathematics, from biology to communication studies, and from music to technology, our departments and programs span many disciplines. Through diverse and challenging courses and opportunities for research, internships, and other co-curricular activities, CHAS students develop skills that prepare them for a variety of careers in an increasingly complex world.

The education of our students, the creative and scholarly activities of our dedicated faculty and the outreach to the state of Iowa and beyond remain our focus. 

We are very proud of you, our alumni, and very grateful for the financial support you and friends of UNI provide. There are many funds worthy of your support within each of our departments. Additionally, the CHAS Dean's Fund for Excellence (DFFE) gives the dean the flexibility to direct resources to areas where funds might otherwise be limited. State funds continue to decrease, and most of those funds have restrictions on how they can be used. Your support gives us the ability to provide critical resources for programs that makes the difference between excellence and extraordinary. Our DFFE supports such things as scholarships, undergraduate research, study abroad, and expenses for student/faculty participation in conferences and professional development. Consider making a DFFE today by going to our secure pledge form.

I always welcome your calls and emails. Thank you for your friendship and support!

John Fritch, Interim Dean, College of Humanities,  Arts and Sciences