Alumni Spotlight

Mitch Patterson

Success in Filmmaking and in Teaching – Susan Kerns

Susan Kerns (M.A '02) graduated from UNI with a degree in English Language and Literature. She is a successful filmmaker, producing numerous films including the successful 2012 film Little Red and soon to be released film Last of the Lawsonomists. She is also an assistant professor at Columbia College Chicago.

Brian Hynek

Using Technology to Save the Earth – Greg Smith

Greg Smith (B.S '02) has been working with J.F. Brennen Co. Inc., a company that specializes in environmental remediation, among other environmental projects. Smith has been instrumental in increasing the company's efficiency and effectiveness in completing large-scale projects.

TTC - Einstein and the Polar Bear

Teaching Through Mathematics – Anne Estapa

Anne Estapa, (M.Ed, '05) is currently an Assistant Professor of Education at Iowa State University. She is conducting research as a professor as well as teaching her students and building relationships with area public schools.