Dean's Funds For Excellence

Make the difference between excellent and extraordinary.

Three Penny OperaThe Dean's Funds for Excellence for the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences—one fund for humanities and fine arts and one for mathematics, science and technology—give the dean the flexibility to direct funds to areas where resources might otherwise be limited. State funds for higher education continue to decrease, and most of the funds have limits as to how they can be used. Contributions made to the Dean's Funds are used primarily to enhance CHAS student opportunities and programs and to strengthen faculty. "This fund gives us the flexibility to add a bit here and a bit there, so that our programs reach their full potential," said CHAS Dean Joel Haack.

Contributions to the Dean's Fund will be used for the following:

Humanities and Fine Arts

  • Scholarships to increase the number of Dean's Scholars, the best and brightest students in these areas
  • Support for the college's initiative for undergraduate education focusing on research
  • Student travel to professional conferences to present their research findings
  • Funds to subsidize students with unpaid internships in their majors
  • Opportunities to bring visiting artists and scholars to UNI

Mathematics, Science and Technology

  • Student travel to professional conferences to present the results of their summer research with faculty
  • Support for undergraduate research associates, who work with faculty in science laboratories beginning as freshmen
  • Funds for undergraduate and graduate students to pursue their research
  • Support for faculty to develop online courses to meet the needs of Iowans across the state
  • Purchase of the latest software for UNI students to prepare them for Iowa's future

For more information on the Dean's Fund for Excellence or how you can support the college, visit the Foundation website or e-mail Cassie Benning Luze or Dan Breitbach, CHAS directors of development.