Student and Faculty Research

The communication sciences and disorders department, would like to commend its faculty members and students for their upcoming research presentations. Nine research projects co-authored by twenty-one students in the department were accepted for this year’s American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention in Boston, Massachusetts, November 14-17, 2018. Thank you to Dr. Todd Bohnenkamp, Dr. Angela Burda,  Dr. Evette Edmister, Dr. Lisa Kopf, Dr. Laura Pitts, and Dr. Lindsey Squires who served as research advisors for these projects. Information about these the presentations at the ASHA Convention is included below. 


Title: SLPs Experiences With Supporting Social Media Use of Individuals Who Use Augmentative & Alternative Communication (Poster)

Authors: Michelle Bognanno, Courtney Hansen, Evette Edmister


Title: Outcomes of an Intensive Swallowing Program for Persons With Parkinson’s Disease (Poster)

Authors: Jocelyn Jenks, Sarah Crimmins, Morgan Powers, Mariana Bahia, Callie Lawson, Rylie Schlepp, Macy Miner, Kate Bergin, Laura Pitts, Todd Bohnenkamp


Title: The Effects of Two Postures on Temporal Measures of Chest Wall Movement During Swallow (Poster)

Authors: Kelly Heckstein, Samantha Topp, Todd Bohnenkamp, Laura Pitts


Title: Development of the Name That! Emotions Therapy Tool for Persons With RHD (Poster)

Authors: Morgan Krischel. Chandani Morar, Jennifer Roberts, Angela Burda


Title: Aerodynamic Measures of Acute Phonotrauma in Adults Following Reading in Noise (Poster)

Authors: Marci Paca, Natalie Weih, Todd Bohnenkamp


Title: Systematic Review & Meta-analysis: Tongue Strength & Endurance in Parkinson’s Disease Compared to Controls (Poster)

Authors: Hannah Tiffany, Angela Cox, Laura Pitts, Sarah Morales (RZ Therapy), Nancy Solomon (Walter Reed Nat'l Military Med Ctr)


Title: Feasibility & Benefit of Parent-Child Language Stimulation While Living in Transitional Housing (Poster)

Authors: Carrington Mitchell, Lindsey Leacox


Title: Temporal Measures of Speech Systems During Refractoriness of Transit Reactions (Poster)

Authors: Karlee Peyton, Amber Ramthun, Abbigayle Schupanitz, Todd Bohnenkamp


Title: A Method for Evaluating Voice Therapy Mobile Applications (Poster)

Author: Alisa White, Lisa Kopf