John Fritch

The education and betterment of our students, the creative and scholarly activities of our dedicated faculty and the outreach efforts within Iowa and beyond are the ways that we work to promote student success. Your support will go a long way in moving us steadily toward meeting these goals and maintaining excellence within CHAS.

There are many scholarships and awards worthy of your support within each of our departments. Additionally, the CHAS Dean's Fund for Excellence (DFFE) gives the Dean the flexibility to direct resources to areas where funds might otherwise be limited. State funds continue to decrease, and most of those funds have restrictions on how they can be used. Your support gives us the ability to provide critical resources for programs that make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Our DFFE supports such things as scholarships, undergraduate research, study abroad opportunities and expenses for student/faculty participation in conferences and professional development. Consider making a DFFE donation today by giving directly to the Dean’s Fund for the Arts or the Dean’s Fund for the Sciences.

The students, faculty and I all thank you for your friendship and support!

John Fritch, Dean, College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences


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