Bettina Fabos, Communication Studies
Creative Work: Bettina Fabos has been selected to be a digital projects liaison to the Google Cultural Institute. Please contact her for more information.
Link :
Samuel (Sam) Eskelson, Mathematics
Publications: Sam Eskelson recently co-authored an article titled “The Need to Prepare Prospective Teachers to Engage in Mathematics Consultations” in the journal Mathematics Teacher Education and Development.
Cara Burnidge, Philosophy & World Religions
Publications: In October 2016, Burnidge's book, A Peaceful Conquest: Woodrow Wilson, Religion, and the New World Order, will be published with University of Chicago Press. (More details can be found at the link below).
Jim Demastes & Theresa Spradling, Biology
Publications: Lucas Pietan publishes his biology honors thesis with Spradling and Demastes
Link :
Francis Degnin, Philosophy & World Religions
Publications: Degnin, published an article in July/Aug 2016:  Minority Report: Re-Reading Gilgamesh after Levinas
Link :
Jeremy Schraffenberger, North American Review
Publications: The North American Review Press published two books this fall, Feed the Lake: Essays on the Craft of Fiction and Manifold Nature: John Burroughs and the North American Review.

Jeremy Schraffenberger, Languages & Literatures
Publications: October 2016, Associate Professor of English Jeremy Schraffenberger co-authored a book of essays and poems with Martín Espada and Lauren Marie Schmidt, The Necessary Poetics of Atheism (Twelve Winters Press).
Link :
Elise DuBord, Jennifer Cooley, Caroline Ledeboer Languages and Literatures
Speaking Events: October 2016, Elise DuBord, Jennifer Cooley, Caroline Ledeboer, presented “Go Global, Stay Local” with students Andrew Jessip and Shelby Snell, and Umaru Balde (YWCA) at Culture and Language Across the Curriculum.
Elise DuBord, Languages and Literatures
Speaking Events: In September, DuBord presented her paper “When We Don’t Speak the Same Language: University and Community Outcomes in a Cross-Language Collaboration” at the Linguistic Association of the Southwest.
Julie Husband, Languages and Literatures
Speaking Events: October 2016, Julie Husband, Languages and Literatures, delivered a paper and participated in two roundtables on Frederick Douglass's oratory at the Frederick Douglass Symposium at IUPUI.
Julia Bullard, School of Music
Category: Creative Work: From Nov. 8-11, 2016, Trio 826 will have a residency at the Hearst Center for the Arts. The residency will include free performances throughout the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area and a CD release concert at the Hearst Center on Nov. 11.
Link :
Rui He, Physics
Research: Physics student, Sebastian Gaihua Ye, presented his research conducted in Dr. Rui He's lab at the American Physical Society Prairie Section meeting held in DeKalb, Illinois on Oct 7, 2016.
Cara Burnidge, Philosophy & World Religions
Publications: Burnidge's book, _A Peaceful Conquest: Woodrow Wilson, Religion, and the New World Order_ is now published with the University of Chicago Press
Link :
Cara Burnidge, Philosophy & World Religions
Contact Email:
Awards: In February 2016, Burnidge was awarded as a Fellowship, in the Young Scholar of American Religion Program, Center for the Study of Religion & American Culture, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis, with support from the Lily Endowment. The fellowship goes through 2018.
Robert Washut, School of Music
Creative Work: In October, Robert Washut completed two commissioned compositions: 1). Three Latin Jazz Miniatures (for Anthony Williams, and 2). El Septimo Viento (for the Oconomowoc Hogh School Jazz Ensemble).
David Saunders, on behalf of the Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Physics and Science Education
Awards: In October, the Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics, and Science Education received Carver Charitable Trust Funding to Improve LAC IV Science Teaching Labs.
Angeleita Floyd, Professor of Flute, School of Music
Creative Work: Over October 16 and 17, 2016, Dr. Floyd hosted the 2016 UNI Flute Day, featuring an All-State Mock Audition for High School flutists, a Flute Choir Reading Session and a Master Class and Concert with Mary Stolper, guest artist.
Mark Sherrard, Biology
Publications: In October 2016, MS students Jessica Abernathy and Dustin Graham published an article in Global Change Biology Bioenergy on the ecosystem services provided by prairie biomass feedstocks with different diversity.
Link :
Rebecca Burkhardt, School of Music and Rachel Morgan, Languages & Literatures
Creative Work: On November 6, 2016, Bel Canto Cedar Valley will present: A Celebration of Women in Music, featuring "Where Sky, Where Pilgrim," music by Rebecca Burkhardt and poetry by Rachel Morgan.
Link :
Philip Hopper, Communication Studies
Speaking Events: On October 14, Hopper and Communication Studies hosted a one-day symposium which brought together filmmakers and scholars to examine the aesthetics of structural documentary, past and present.
Link :
Jim O'loughlin, Languages & Literatures
Publications: Exs is a collection of fiction and poetry bringing together UNI faculty, alumni and current students writing about exs (if you've been one, you've had one). 
Link :
Abbylynn Helgevold, Philosophy and World Religions
Speaking Events: On October 12, Helgevold gave the Fall Honors Lecture, titled "Getting to the Heart of Integrity: Nurturing Vulnerability and Courage."
Elizabeth Hughes, Mathematics
Speaking Events: Hughes was the invited keynote speaker for Mathematical Proficiency for Every Student conference held in Onalaska, WI, October 19, 2016.
Joyce Milambiling, Languages and Literatures
Research: In November, Milambiling will present her research at the High Desert Linguistics Society at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque on "Spanish and English in the Philippines: Sociolinguistic and Historical Perspectives."
Chepina Ramsey, Mathematics
Publications: Ramsey's project with a team of educators, came out in an article in the October 2016 Teaching Children Mathematics issue. It was featured in the journal's "Twitter Chat" for the month.
Jeffrey Copeland, Languages and Literatures
Publications: Copeland had an article, "I'm Published! Now What?" published in the national Authors Guild Bulletin, published Summer 2016.

Jeffrey Copeland, Languages and Literatures
Awards: Jeffrey's latest book, "I'm Published! Now What? An Author's Guide to Creating Successful Book Events, Readings, and Promotions, has just been nominated for the "Society of Midland Authors Book Award.
Jeffrey Copeland, Languages and Literatures
Creative Work: Just completed a documentary film titled "The Story Behind 'Shelley v. Kraemer' for the Missouri History Museum. The film will play at the museum from March 2017 to March 2018.
Sadik Kucuksari, Technology
Publications: Dr. Kucuksari and DIT graduate student Islam Ali attended the 48th IEEE North American Power Symposium in Denver, CO on September 18-20, 2016 to present Islam Ali’s research work titled "Voltage Regulat"