Rui He, Physics
Awards: Assistant Professor of Physics Rui He has been awarded a 5-year $518,000 National Science Foundation CAREER grant. She will study the vibrational properties of multilayer nano structures.

Rachel Morgan, Languages & Literatures
Publication: Rachel Morgan has creative work included in the anthology, Fracture: Essays, Poems, and Stories on Fracking in America.
C. Allyn Slack, Technology
Creative Work: Slack has two works in the February 2016, Rod Library Art Exhibit, "The LCD of Diversity: Fear Begets the Paranoia Prognosticator, and the Paranoia Prognosticator Begets Fear" and "The LCD of Diversity: The Formation of the Empathy Engine" - Mixed media drawings
Roy R. Behrens, Art
Publication: Roy Behrens appears in more than a dozen interview segments in a new Australian documentary, Deception By Design. It premiered on Australian tv in August, and will be broadcast this year in the UK and US.
Link :
Kamyar Enshayan, Center for Energy & Environmental Education
Speaking Events: Kamyar Enshayan, made a presentation to City of Dubuque Park staff and community groups on strategies to go pesticide-free in managing park and school grounds on January 6, 2016.
Kamyar Enshayan, Center for Energy & Environmental Education
Awards: CEEE was awarded a grant to launch a new 3-year university-wide initiative involving students and faculty UNI Conservation Corps and Science in the Media Project, January 25, 2016.
Kamyar Enshayan, Center for Energy & Environmental Education
Speaking Events: In November, Enshayan, presented on pesticide-free school grounds to protect children's health for the Iowa City School District parents and community members.

Jeremy Schraffenberger, Languages & Literatures
Awards: The Waxen Poor, a book of poems by Associate Professor of English Jeremy Schraffenberger, was named one of the Best Books of 2015 by the Chicago Review of Books.
Link :
William W. Clohesy, Philosophy and World Religions
Speaking Events: William W. Clohesy presented his paper, "The Objectivity of the Categorical Imperative in the _Foundations_" at the 12th International Kant Congress, held at the University of Vienna, September 21-25.

Vicki Oleson, Center for Teaching and Learning Mathematics

Creative Work: The Center for Teaching and Learning Mathematics has been working on Making Sense of Mathematics and Teaching (MSMT), a series of six professional development courses. To ensure fidelity to the MSMT model, facilitator guides have been created in an iBook format, complete with video modeling, which will allow the program to be scaled to reach more elementary teachers. Team members include: Connie Terry, Lynn Selking, Corrine Breitsprecker, Annette Louk, Elizabeth Hughes, Brian Townsend, Karis Townsend, Julie Creeden, Dana Lechtenberg, Jon Chamberlain, Amy Frohardt-Schafer, and Jean Hitchman.
Darrell Taylor, Art
Awards: The UNI Permanent Art Collection received an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Museums for America project grant to support an object-by-object survey of it artworks on paper.
Link :
Eric Giddens, Tallgrass Prairie Center
Research: Prairie Power Project Final Report, was released September, 2015. This report details the research activities of the Tallgrass Prairie Center's seven year long Prairie Power Project.
Nick Roos, Languages and Literatures
Contact Email:
Publications: In November, Falling Star Literary Magazine, purchased the poem "Dressage" from Roos. Also in November, he sold the poem "Slice us in Half" to Inwood Indiana Press. 
Kyle Gray, Earth Science
Contact Email:
Awards: In November, Kyle Gray received the Biggs Earth Science Teaching Award, which is presented by the Geoscience Education Division of the Geological Society of America to one early career faculty member who demonstrates innovative and effective teaching. 
Penny Wang, Languages and Literatures
Publications: Penny Wang was named the chief editor of the, "Handbook of Research on Foreign Language Education in the Digital Age" which is scheduled for publication this year.
Link :
Doug Shaw, Mathematics
Creative Work: Half-Masted, a UNI improv troupe, had a wonderful show!  Their comedy guests were Senator Jeff Danielson, and President Bill Ruud.  Jeff and Bill were terrific, hilarious, sports!
Link :
Lawrence Escalada, Physics and Science Education
Publications: STEM Learning with Young Children-Inquiry Teaching with Ramps and Pathways by Counsell, Escalada, Geiken, Sander, Uhlenberg, Van Meeteren, Yoshizawa, & Zan has been published.
Lyn Countryman, Science Education
Speaking Events: Lyn Countryman was an invited speaker at Iowa Continuing Medical Education Conference speaking on Research Based Techniques for Improving Healthcare Provider and Patient Communication on January 23, 2016.
Hong (Jeffrey) Nie, Technology
Awards: Dr. Nie's research project won the only Best Demonstration Award at the 13th Annual IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference, a prestigious international conference in communication area.
Adrienne Lamberti, Languages and Literatures
Research: On January 25, 2016 Professors Jennifer Cooley, Elise DuBord, Adrienne Lamberti, Cheryl Roberts, and Elizabeth Zwanziger facilitated a roundtable discussion on the pedagogy of community engagement.
Jeff Tamplin, Biology
Publications: In January, Tamplin's co-authored manuscript, "Discovery of youngest sex chromosomes reveals first case of convergent co-option of ancestral autosomes in turtles" was accepted to Chromosoma. The finding reveals that wood turtles' genetic sex determination is based on an XX/XY chromosome system, and evolved independently from the ancestral state of temperature dependent sex determination. The sex chromosomes of wood turtles evolved from a pair of autosomes during a global warming period that occurred between 8 - 20 million years ago.
The manuscript is in collaboration with Nicole Valenzuela's research group at Iowa State and Russell Burke, a herpetologist at Hofstra University.
Joyce Chen, Communication Studies
Awards: The Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI), National Communication Association (NCA) Affiliate, has selected Dr. Joyce Chen, UNI Department of Communication Studies as the 2016 Outstanding Service Award Winner. The Award will be presented to Chen in 2016 NCA Convention in Philadelphia, PA. 
Laura Terlip & Sarina Chen, Communication Studies
Awards : In January, the book by Terlip, Chen and alum Mark Johns, Symbolic Interaction and New Social Media (M. Johns, S. Chen & L. Terlip) was nominated for the 2016 Book Award sponsored by the CITAMS section of the American Sociological Assoc.
Christopher Martin, Communication Studies
Awards: Chris Martin, Head of Communication Studies, has been selected by the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) to serve as a reviewer for the 2016 Fulbright Specialist Program.
Joshua Hamzehee, Communication Studies
Awards: UNI Co-Director of Individual Events (Speech Team), Joshua Hamzehee, will receive the 2016 AFA-NIET Outstanding New Forensics Coach Award, in April 2016.

Catherine Zeman, RRTTC
Awards: Dr. Zeman was named to the Iowa Recycling Association Board and the BlackHawk County Board of Health. Earlier this year in August, she was also named to the Iowa Energy Center Board. 

Ranjana Joshi, Technology
Awards: Ranjana Joshi, graduate student, was awarded first place for oral presentation at the Graduate Student Symposium in early April. 
Mary Frisbee Johnson, Art
Creative Work: For the month of February, Frisbee Johnson has a solo exhibition, "Cartouche" at the Appalachian Center for Craft, Tennessee Tech University, Smithville, TN
Robert Washut, School of Music
Creative Work: In January, Washut was the guest conductor at the Colorado All-State Jazz band, in Colorado Springs, CO. He also presented a clinic entitled Jazz Improvisation: From the Ground Up at the Colorado Music Educators Association conference.
Theresa Spradling and Jim Demastes, Biology
Publications: In February, Professors Theresa Spradling and Jim Demastes published “Systematic revision of the pocket gopher genus Orthogeomys,” Journal of Mammalogy. Spradling and Demastes used genetically determined evolutionary relationships to support new nomenclature for pocket gophers. 
Kristine Nemec, Tallgrass Prairie Center
Publications: IRVM Program Manager Kristine Nemec was interviewed for an article on Roadside Pollinator Habitat for National Wildlife magazine.
Link :
Alan Czarnetzki, Earth Science
Speaking Events: On February 4, 2016, Alan Czarnetzki was an invited speaker at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers in Ames, Iowa, speaking on the weather outlook for spring and summer 2016.
Rick Vanderwall, Languages and Literatures
Speaking Events: Rick Vanderwall presented a Teaching Shakespeare workshop to 65 middle and high school teachers at Gadsden Independent School district near El Paso, Texas. The workshop was presented by the Folger Shakespeare Institute.
Link :
Jessica Riebkes, Tallgrass Prairie Center
Speaking Events: Jessica Riebkes, Grad Research Assistant at the Tallgrass Prairie Center, gave her talk "Effects of Predator Satiation on Seed Predation in Roadside Prairie Plantings" at the 2016 Rights-of-Way Workshop.