Philosophy and World Religions Department Head Published in Zygon

Congratulations to Jerry Soneson, head of the Department of Philosophy and World Religions on the publication of his paper, “The Legacy of Gordon Kaufman: Theological Method and Its Pragmatic Norms,” in Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science.

Soneson elaborates more on his article, “Gordon Kaufman was one of the more influential theologians to write in the last quarter of the 20th century. I argue that the most significant contribution and legacy of Gordon Kaufman’s work rests in his theological method. The extraordinary achievement of Kaufman's method is that he fashions his theology for a pluralistic context. Two aspects of his method are worth noting: first, it embraces religious and cultural pluralism at its center, providing a framework for inter-cultural and inter-religious discussion and cooperation, and second, that Kaufman’s interpretation of religion, that follows from this framework, embodies pragmatic criteria for evaluating and reconstructing alternative cultural and religious worldviews, so that they may function more adequately within the changing contexts of life.  

The basic point of the piece is that, if learning how to live well with those who have different cultural and religious belief than our own is important, then Gordon Kaufman provides a compelling and even gripping theological method which helps us with this great and important task.”  

The paper was published this last fall in the September 2013, Issue 3.