English Club Poetry Slam a 'Slam Dunk'

Keegan Bosch performs at the Poetry SlamThe Languages and Literatures English Club hosted its first Poetry Slam on February 6 in Bartlett.  The event was considered a big hit. There were wonderful performers and a packed house. The English Club desired to host an event that brought people together to appreciate literary art.

A Poetry Slam is a competition where poets perform original work and go head to head with another poet. The poet with the highest score moves on to the next round until only the winner is left.

The top three poets won gift cards, with first place winning a $50 gift card. All seven performing poets received a selection of poetry books donated by Final Thursday Press.

Each performance offered something new to the audience. Some poems were memorized, some read dramatically and others appealed to the crowd for support. Three judges, chosen from the audience, announced scores from 1-10 in which the audience could cheer in support of the score or boo the judge’s decision. MC Timoteo Garcia had the audience laughing and enjoying their time in between performances.

English Club president, Amanda Arp, said, “The Slam was incredibly successful! Seven poets shared their heartfelt work and many students and professors participated in their performance by being there to support and enjoy the poets’ efforts.”

Keegan Bosch won first place with his moving poetry that told of the loss of a friend, a lost loved one and how his father taught him to resect women. Jacob Ferguson received second through his comedic, witty poems. Jordan Beardsley won third place with her words concerning a relationship, anger and love. Congratulations to all participants.

Arp said, “I was thrilled not only by the audience turnout, but by the quality of the poetry. The poets truly impressed me with their work.”

Participants had to perform original work written by them. No props, costumes or musical instruments were allowed, just the poets’ words and passion.

The English Club hopes to host another Slam in April and future semesters as well.