A Message from Dean Haack

In light of the current situation at UNI, I want to take a moment to discuss these anticipated program closures. Over the course of the past several years, budgets have continually been slashed at UNI. This year our state appropriations have dipped to the lowest they’ve been in 16 years, since 1996-97. These financial challenges have made a large impact on our university, forcing us to reduce support across the board, cutting funds for equipment, maintenance, travel, and staff support.  For the most part, we have been able to maintain the quality of the education offered to our students, but dealing with these budget shortfalls and across-the-board cuts does not allow us to continue to do everything and remain sustainable. Thus, we are currently not able to absorb the cuts without making significant changes to the programs we offer.

 Decisions regarding program changes were based on the principle of continuing to offer majors and minors chosen by the largest number of our students. Therefore, programs that do not graduate many students are being closed or restructured.

It is important to note that students currently enrolled in any program that has been identified to close or be restructured will be provided the courses needed to complete their studies and graduate in that program.

We are all deeply saddened by the closures of these programs, but they in no way reflect on the quality of the programs, the commitment and quality of the faculty, or the success of the alumni. Each program that is closing is of high quality and was put into place with the intention of making UNI stronger or meeting the needs of the state and country. In our current financial situation, however, programs graduating few students have become one of the places where the university needs to make cuts.

Of course, the programs that remain at UNI continue to be of high quality. If the budget situation in the state stabilizes, we will be well positioned to allocate additional resources to strengthen the remaining programs and allow them to grow. We will become a stronger institution as we move forward, and within CHAS, we will continue to focus on the education of our students, providing the best opportunities that we can, within the constraints of our resources. We will work together to make the future as bright as it can be.