Department of Art: Hearst Lecture Series

For this past school year, the Department of Art has been hosting the Meryl Norton Hearst Lecture Series. This year, there were five artists invited by faculty to the Hearst Lectures, all artists who utilized humor in their artwork. The artists were David Suter, Mark Dion, Sunkoo Yuh, Wendy Red Star and Aaron Draplin. Each artist gave a lecture about their work, and some also did demonstrations. 

Joann Schnabel, ceramics professor, invited Sunkoo Yuh, a ceramic artist originating from Korea. Schnabel originally saw Sunkoo’s artwork in Chicago a number of years ago at SOFA (Sculptural Objects and Fuctional Art Expo), which is held each fall at Navy Pier. Yuh focuses on figurative ceramic sculptures, which consist of forms including plants, animals, fish and human figures. His artworks are based upon many things, especially Korean folklore. Schnabel says that Yuh’s artwork inspires her because of its large scale and use of brightly colored glazes. Schnabel wanted to invite Yuh as an artist because she thought it would be a great experience for the students to see him build one of his sculptures here at UNI. Schnabel also wants to inspire others who might not know much about ceramics, and show them how ceramics is a diverse medium that can be used to create functional and sculptural artwork. 

Suter came during October of 2016, and talked about his illustrations, many of which included political commentary and were included in The Washington Post. He illustrated during the Vietnam War, Nixon and Watergate controversies, and his political artworks have become known as “Suterisms.” His works have also been publised in the New York Times, Harper’s Magazing, Rolling Stone, Time, The Progressive, The Atlantic along with other publications. 

Mark Dion, who came in January, is an artist who focuses on conceptual art and uses scientific presentations in his installations. His artwork has been showcased in a variety of major public solo exhibitions, and works of his can be experienced at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Tate Gallery of London, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles among others. 

Wendy Red Star and Aaron Draplin both visited in March. Red Star uses a variety of mediums, such as photography, sculpture, video, fiber arts and performance that express intersections of Native American ideologies in both historical and contemporary society. Her art is heavily influenced by her cultural background of the Crow tribe. Her works have been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art,  Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, Portland Art Museum, the Minneapolis Institute of Art and more. 

Draplin is a graphic designer who specializes in logo design, and loves to relate his designs for the average, working-class citizen. He currently owns and runs the Draplin Design Company, and creates logos and designs for clients across the country such as Coal Heawear, the Union Binding Company, Snowboard Magazine, Ride Snow Boards, Chunklet Magazine, Cobra Dogs and more.