Douglas A. Danne, BA ’76, wrote Employment Essentials:  College Edition, published in January 2012, to mentor college graduates through their first job search and empower them to develop a competitive edge over their peers.  Using a practical and personal approach, he explains in detail the entire process and lays out a roadmap for readers to follow.  The book is packed with hints, tips, tools and advice on how to land a professional job, as well as real-life examples, sample resumes and practical advice from experts.  A Japanese publisher will translate the book and publish it in Japan in August 2012.

Danne elected a career in business instead of podiatry, his earlier choice.  He began in sales and for the past 15 years has held several senior executive positions.  After many years in the pharmaceutical and industrial rapid-testing markets globally, he currently serves as the founder and CEO of D.A. Danne & Associates, LLC.