Sculpture lab--Special Olympics torch creation


UNI makes a difference in your future.

Personalized attention from full-time faculty, small class sizes and a commitment to student success beyond graduation means that you leave college prepared to tackle your personal and professional goals. Within CHAS, your instruction goes beyond the classroom; there are opportunities for student-centered scholarship in the humanities, research in the sciences, and performance and creative activities in the arts. Immersive off-campus experiences, internships, study abroad programs and over 50 different student organizations related to CHAS majors offer extended perspective and active involvement beyond traditional learning.

We are committed to providing a well-rounded education that includes knowledge, skills and experiences, and one that teaches strategies for critical thinking, communication, creativity and innovation that will be useful lifelong skills.

Join our college where we go above and beyond to prepare you for the rest of your life. 94% of CHAS majors complete an internship, experiential learning or field experience to gain useful, real-world skills. They apply that knowledge to actively succeed after leaving UNI. Our technology, computer science and communication sciences and disorders departments have nearly 100% job
placement rates, and employers consistently recognize the quality education
and practical experiences that UNI students bring with them to the job force.