Laura is currently a junior double majoring in French and Biology.  

"Despite being born in Mexico, I consider Cedar Falls my adopted hometown. I enjoy studying in CHAS at UNI because of the biology department's faculty and staff make it very enjoyable and easy to learn. In particular, my anatomy professor makes learning entire systems in the human body interesting and surprisingly manageable.  I definitely feel more equipped going into a health related field after attending her class.

"When I came to UNI, I received several awards/scholarships based on my high school achievements including the distinguished scholars award - given to Iowa high school students that meet specific criteria, the physics scholar award - given to students with RAI scores of 320 or above and the multicultural scholar award given to students of a different cultural background – this has a specific GPA requirement associated with it.  Last summer, I received the International Outbound award for my Study Abroad experience last summer.  Coming up, I’m hoping to hear about upcoming internships and I continue to volunteer at local hospitals and job shadowing!” 

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