My Experiences: Maicol



"UNI offers a lot of resources that I can use whenever I need help with math, writing or reading. The professors like to connect with their students, they also like to challenge their students as well­; they tell me where to look, but not what to look for. My professors here at UNI like helping me because they want me to become successful in the classes that they teach. My professors also give me the chance to have hands-on experience on things that are related to my major and they always give me advice.

I’m involved in a lot of organizations. I’m part of the executive board for the Hispanic Latino Student Union (HLSU); I’m also part of the executive board for the graphics club; I’m a member of Ethnic Student Promoters (ESP) and a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) here at UNI.

I have learned how to get out of my comfort-zone and meet new people by joining student organizations here on campus. But probably one of my biggest personal achievements is that, thanks to the help from some of my friends that have made by attending and participating in student organizations, I have been able to lose weight and stay in shape!"

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