Jo Hern Curris Fund for Student Performance

Constantine Curris, former president of the University of Northern Iowa, provided funding for the Jo Hern Curris Award. The award is designed to support expenses of students majoring in Art, Music or Theatre when engaged in university-related exhibitions and performances.

The maximum award is $500 per proposal. The actual amount of the award will depend on the quality of the application, as well as the costs involved in completion of the project. The recipients will receive the award as a credit to their university bill during the spring semester. If several students work together on a project, the dollar amount will be split equally among all participants. Examples of such expenses could include, but are not limited to, expenses associated with a music recital, the mounting of an art exhibit or a student theatre production. Funds cannot be used in support of anyone other than students; or in support of established events such as musical tours or dramatic productions, not as a replacement for existing expenditures.

Students majoring in Art, Theatre or Music may apply in writing, to the appropriate department head, who will evaluate and rank order the proposals before submitting them to the Dean of the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences.

Required Materials

  • Cover sheet: CHAS Jo Hern Curris Fund for Student Performance Application Form
  • Rationale for the project
  • Description or outline of the project, including a diagram, sample or example, as appropriate to the nature of the proposal
  • Realistic time-line for completion of the project
  • A statement of the dollar amount requested (maximum amount of the award is $500)
  • If the cost of the project is greater than $500, please submit a list of additional sources of funding

The deadline for the completed packets to be submitted to the departmental office is November 29, 2017.