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UNI Science Education offers one-day Update Conferences that feature presentations on the latest research in a discipline as well as research on innovative teaching methods and materials; informal discussions with colleagues, university faculty and secondary science teaching majors on relevant issues; and upcoming professional development opportunities at UNI.

The 2016 UNI Science Education Update Conference scheduled from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm for April 7th (Friday) on the University of Northern Iowa campus will be for Iowa and middle school/junior high and high school science teachers that will focus on issues and topics relevant to teaching secondary science.  The conference will be a collaboration of UNI Science Education and the various UNI Science Departments including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science. Joint morning sessions will focus on relevant issues on teaching any science subject followed by afternoon breakout sessions that participants can choose from a variety of sessions being offered.

More information regarding sessions will be available at a later date.

Information will be provided to teachers on future UNI professional development programs, course offerings, and outreach opportunities.  Participating teachers will be able to go on brief tours of UNI Science Departments including the UNI Botanical Center and obtain information about programs for teachers and their students. 

Participating teachers will be provided free instructional resources, lunch, and refreshments, and sub-reimbursements to those teachers who register early.   

2017 UNI Science Education Update Conference funded by a UNI Foundation Grant provided by UNI Alumni Warren Bromann with additional funding provided by the Iowa Farm Bureau.