Gayle M. Pohl

Associate Professor, Public Relations

Gayle AF Pohl

371 Lang Hall


Gayle M. Pohl

Associate Professor, Public Relations

Gayle Pohl joined the UNI faculty in 1993. She has been the faculty adviser for the Public Relations Students Society of America (PRSSA), the student-run firm, the Men’s Volleyball team, and Public Relations Outreach for Students (PROs). Gayle has won local, regional, and international awards for her advising for PRSSA and the student-run firm.

Gayle’s research includes books on public relations, papers on social media, autoethnograhic work on healthcare and relationship management theory, healthcare and corporate social responsibility, persuasive strategies used by home shopping networks, public relations strategies used by the U.S. Census, organizational public relations in a global society, fund-raising on the Web and educational techniques used in teaching public relations.

In addition, Gayle is an accredited member of PRSA and has served as the PRSA National Assembly Delegate and President for the Cedar Valley Chapter and Midwest District Chair, and member of the national PRSA nominating committee, Chair of the Historical National Committee for PRSA, and Trustee for the Mind Research Network under the auspices of Senator Domenici and the United States Senate’s Department of Energy (just to name a few of her services).

Gayle originally hails from the rolling hills of Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Kentucky Derby.


Ph.D: University of Kentucky

Teaching Interests: 

Gayle teaches classes in Public Relations.

Research Interests: 

Strategic public relations, crisis communications, social media, public relations teaching.