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Photo of a UNI student teaching in the classroom

Apr 2, 2021 —   CHAS secondary teaching programs prepare leaders for the classroom, and the community   Graduating from college can be nerve wracking, and even more so in the midst of a global pandemic. But for the future teachers graduating...

Students perform Romeo and Juliet

Mar 12, 2021 —   Theatre is an enriching experience – whether it’s for those on stage, backstage or in the audience. It allows us to tell a story, it entertains us and connects us.  It’s long been a powerful tool for engagement, and education – and...


Mar 10, 2021 —   Growing up in rural, landlocked Iowa, Catherine Yeoman never expected to find her passion in marine biology.  But as a junior in the UNI Department of Biology, Yeoman has already managed to kick off a unique college experience that...

Photo of students at Wind Cave National Park

Feb 26, 2021 —   UNI students partner with NASA on cave research    Led by nothing more than the soft glow of their lanterns, a crew of students from the University of Northern Iowa trek into the winding depths of Wind Cave National Park in...