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Photo of Katie Hund

Jan 7, 2021 —   Every day, Katie Hund wakes up ready for the next adventure at her dream job. Some days, she might be getting her hands dirty as she removes fallen trees, and other days, she might be giving a tour to a group of schoolchildren. The best...

Photo of UNI art graduate Abby Hedley

Jan 4, 2021 —   Tucked away in the corner of an old, ranch-style home turned art studio, Abby Hedley found her personal oasis – a place to explore and create alongside other local artists. Hedley, who graduated from the UNI Department of Art last winter...

group photo of multicultural theatrical society

Dec 28, 2020 —   New TheatreUNI student organization is tackling diversity and inclusion in the theatre industry   Theatre is meant to be a reflection of society, but how can we truly represent the mosaic of humankind without sharing...

photo of Maria Algeria at the metal casting center

Dec 23, 2020 —   The first time she stepped inside of the UNI Metal Casting Center, surrounded by the red-hot glow of molten metal, Maria Alverio knew she was hooked. “There are two types of people in this world: the type who see molten metal and...