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SURP student

Dec 5, 2018 — Students Assist Faculty With Research Work for Ten Weeks Over the Summer Dexter Cox, a student majoring in chemistry and physics, spent his summer a little differently than most of his peers. He spent ten weeks in a laboratory trying to make...

Standing up for human rights

Dec 5, 2018 — The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education fights for injustice with Knowledge Stephen Gaies wasn’t planning to lead the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education (CHGE) at UNI, but the idea of creating a permanent center was far from the...

Alumnus Matthew Boucher '04 at NASA

Dec 5, 2018 — Alumnus Matthew Boucher ’04 has long balanced interests in music and science, a background that is helping him at his new job at NASA. As an undergrad student at UNI, he double-majored in both music and physics. Boucher says that his interest in both...

Dec 5, 2018 — A celebration of Wright Hall and David Sands Wright was held last fall. Historical pictures and artifacts from the archives were on display, as were tools used throughout history in math education. Several lectures throughout the fall also focused on...