Kirk Manfredi

Professor - Organic Chemistry

Kirk Manfredi

218 McCollum Science Hall

(319) 273-2295

Kirk Manfredi

Professor - Organic Chemistry

Research Interests

Dr. Manfredi’s research over the past 15 years our research has been in the area of natural products isolation and structure elucidation. Most of the work has been involved in isolating compounds from native prairie plants. He has had a collaboration with Dr. Kelly Kindscher of the Kansas Biological Survey for the past few years. This collaboration has resulted in the collection and identification of over 75 native plant species that have been shown to have medicinal uses by Native Americans of the Missouri River region. He also has collaborations with various labs to bioassay compounds for activity against human tumor cells lines and HIV.  He is also trying to develop botanicals as use as preservatives in personal care products.

In addition to prairie plant research he has recently begun an investigation into antimicrobial compounds produced by fungus.  He is growing fungus on various carbon substrates and examine changes in their metabolism.

Professional Accomplishments

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