Fostering innovation and exploration

We are explorers, and research is central to that identity. As a student in the UNI Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, you’ll be immersed in impactful research from the start. You’ll learn advanced techniques, develop as a scientist and have the chance to co-author papers published in professional journals.

Innovative classrooms engage our students in real-world projects that range from analyzing Peruvian mummy cloths and prehistoric mammoth tusks, to partnering with NASA to research microscopic cave lifeforms.

Our tight-knit faculty are here to mentor and support you – helping you discover your potential and chase your dreams. Whether you want to be a research scientist, medical professional, engineer or educator, a degree from our department opens the door to a wide variety of rewarding and useful careers – giving you the tools to build a better future.



Through unique undergraduate research experiences, our students have the chance to take their learning beyond the classroom – solving real-world problems. Working side-by-side with professors, you’ll develop practical skills that set you apart from the crowd, and have the chance to publish your work for the world to see.

a student conducts research on a tusk


Students graduating with majors in chemistry or biochemistry have tremendous career potential in a wide array of industries ranging from medicine to teaching to research and more. Our alumni are working everywhere from top research labs, to classrooms, and even with Congress.

students in a chemistry lab

American Chemical Society

The student chapter of the American Chemical Society at UNI provides a friendly network of peers to connect with through fun social events, and unique educational opportunities. Each year, the club sends 15 students to represent the club at the national American Chemical Society conference.

a student pours liquid into beakers for a demonstration

ACS Accredited Chemistry Program

Approved Chemistry Program Accredidation Seal from American Chemical Society

ACS-approved programs offer a broad-based and rigorous chemistry education that gives students intellectual, experimental and communication skills to become effective scientific professionals.

Outstanding Chapter Award Recipient

Seal for ACS Outstanding Student Chapter Award

ACS student chapters are organizations for undergraduate students with an interest in the chemical sciences. Members participate in a wide range of programs and activities that enhance their college experience and prepare them for successful careers.

Unique Partnership with NASA

seal of Iowa Space Grant Consortium

As a part of a $200,000 grant from NASA and the Iowa Space Grant Consortium (ISGC), a team of investigators from across the university is studying the types of isolated life that can survive in extreme subterranean systems such as those found in Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota.