Nov 01, 2023

Physics Colloquium November 15, 2023: Gravity Theory Applications in Plasma Astrophysics & Condensed Matter Physics

Dr. Shanshan Rodriguez, an Assistant Professor of Physics at Grinnell College will be presenting findings on Gravity Theory Applications in Plasma Astrophysics & Condensed Matter Physics. Dr. Rodriquez's abstract for presentation is as follows: In this talk, I will discuss the recent evolutions of the interdisciplinary connection between gravity theory and two other traditionally separated subfields of physics: magnetic reconnection in astrophysics and condensed matter physics. Recent investigations show that magnetic reconnection could also cause radiative magnetic flares near the equatorial accreting regions of a rotating black hole, where the black hole’s rotational energy could be extracted to accelerate nearby objects in the black hole’s ergosphere. By computing the energy at infinity per enthalpy for magnetic reconnection, we study various combinations of parameters that maximize energy extraction, the associated extraction rate and efficiency. Furthermore, I will discuss our most recent work on gravity duality to solve shape optimization problems in condensed matter physics. There are numerous examples of holographic dualities in physics, with the AdS/CFT correspondence of string theory being probably the most famous. In this talk, I will attempt to shatter this paradigm by introducing and outlining the duality between the extraordinary magnetoresistance (EMR), observed in semiconductor-metal hybrids, and non-symmetric gravity coupled to a diffusive U(1) gauge field. We will begin with examples at the college physics level and move up from there through advanced topics in corresponding gravity theory. I will also conclude our recent results of constructing the four-dimensional covariant field theory and computing the resulting field equations of motion.

Presentation will be held on November 15, 2023 at 4:00 PM in Begeman Hall Room 114.…