Student Organizations

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Getting involved in a student organization is a great way to make connections with other students, build a network of professionals and to gain additional experiences in producing theatre!

Our department is home to four different student organizations, including: Alpha Psi Omega/Theta Alpha Phi Chapter, the Multicultural Theatrical Society, UNISTA and UNITT. You can learn more about these clubs, and how to get involved in them, below.

performers from the UNISTA show Gulag Mouse


Alpha Psi Omega/Theta Alpha Phi Chapter is an honor fraternity and service organization for upper division theatre students. In addition to coordinating various service events both on campus and in the community, APO also organizes several social activities during the year. Initiation into the organization requires a 3.0 cumulative GPA, the completion of Creativity and Performance, the completion of two semesters (by the end of the year) at UNI and the accumulation of 60 “TAP” points.

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TheatreUNI’s Multicultural Theatrical Society is a club for students of diverse multicultural backgrounds and student allies. The purpose of this new organization is to give a voice to minorities and multicultural student performers and technicians through the art of theater while fostering an inclusive environment. The group’s mission is to represent our ever-changing society utilizing theater as outreach. Theatre is an art form that asks us to accurately represent the underrepresented by holding a mirror to society through performance.

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The University of Northern Iowa Student Theatre Association (UNISTA) aims to provide opportunities for students to create theatre in all forms and at all levels of experience. UNISTA creates its own season each year, which typically includes four productions. Students are responsible for every part of these productions, giving them an added level of experience to set them apart from the crowd. 

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The UNI Theatre Technicians is an organization where students can connect with other design and production minded students. There will be opportunities to learn new skills involved in the technical theatre trade, information about the annual technical theatre conferences, and guidance for hands-on technical theatre opportunities on and off campus. 

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