See what our graduates are up to

Our alumni are doing incredible things, working in numerous industries across the country.

Here are a few highlights from recent grads:

  • Olivia McQuerry (2021) - Stage Management Fellow, Berkeley Rep
  • Nate Jorgensen - Theatre and Speech teacher, Waukee High School.
  • Chad Kolbe (2000) - associate professor, Technical Production, Viterbo University
  • Sarah (Noll) Wilson (2003) - Leadership Coach
  • Tom Kobes (2010) - Director Of Training And Development at SunPubs Investment Group
  • Nathan Halvorson - Associate Director of Performing Arts, Coloado Springs Fine Arts Center


Where are they today?

Across the country, UNI theatre graduates are making an impact. From acting on stage, managing backstage, creating unique children's theatre experiences and even leadership coaching, read more about what our awesome alumni are up to.