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We’re pushing the limits of technology, and rewriting the future of computer science

Whether you're designing an app, programming a drone or experimenting with artificial intelligence – our programs are marked by hands-on experiences designed to put you ahead.

The computer science major at UNI offers a flexible curriculum allowing you to specialize in one or more of the following areas: information science, software engineering, systems and traditional computer science. 

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In computer science education. Our department was the first in the state to offer a computer science endorsement for teachers.

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Paid Research

Our department offers paid summer research fellowships each year, providing a $4,000 stipend for students to conduct research.

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Job Growth

The demand for computer science professionals is expected to grow much faster than average between 2020 and 2030. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)


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Which degree should I get?

Bachelor of Arts

The BA in computer science is a shorter program of study, making it more suitable for a liberal arts style education. Students still study deeply in one area of computer science, but have more time for a minor or second major. The BA degree program requires less coursework than the BS, with 120 credit hours required.

Bachelor of Science

The BS in computer science provides broader and deeper coverage. It gives students the sturdiest foundation for a long career in computing and also for graduate study in computer science. The BS degree program requires more coursework than the BA, with 126 credit hours required.


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UNI's Computer Science program will arm you with the skills needed to thrive in a variety of high-demand fields in both the public and private sectors. Common careers include:

  • Consultant
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Systems Administrator
  • Java Engineer


Typical Computer Science career track courses include:

Data Structures: Learn to implement data and file structures such as sets, hash tables, stacks, trees, queues, heaps, and graphs. Basic algorithm analysis. Searching and sorting. Basic object-oriented analysis, design, and modeling tools.  
Discrete Structures: Introduction to logical forms, arguments, predicates, and quantified statements; methods of proof; sequences; sets; functions; relations; graphs; and Boolean algebra in the context of computer science. 
Computer Organization: Study of computers in terms of their major functional units. Machine representations of data, digital logic, memory, CPUs, buses, and input/output. Instruction set architectures and their implementations, addressing methods, and sequencing. 


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Hands-On, Up Front

Our style of learning is anything but textbook. In the UNI Department of Computer Science, you'll learn by doing – whether it's programming autonomous drones, or partnering with Google to develop smart home technology. You’ll gain valuable experience through unique undergraduate research opportunities.