Program Allies

Program Allies are students in the Theatre Department that serve as communication conduits between students and faculty.

Program Allies:

  • Serve all Theatre students, and communicate all issues or concerns that are brought to them. 
  • Can help give voice to students who feel less connected.
  • Are versed in the handbooks available to students in different areas of the program.
  • Are not mandatory reporters. 
  • Represent all emphases (including theatre minors), and strive to be as diverse as possible.

Meet our Program Allies

Allie Klinsky

My name is Allie Klinsky and I am a fourth year student majoring in Theatre Performance with a minor in Music, and up until very recently was also an emphasis in Theatre for Youth. I agreed to serve as a program ally because I like working with students, especially in regards to advising (which led me to a summer of working on Orientation Staff!). I am also passionate about advocating for others, and am here to serve students in communicating needs to faculty and other students in the program. I am heavily involved in and out of the department, and am always happy to help. You can ask me about anything (including questions about Greek life or residence life, as I’m in a sorority and an RA in Shull Hall!)

Students can ask me about anything, but especially the following:

  • Auditions
  • Classes on the Performance or Theatre for Youth tracks
  • Practicum
  • Education requirements
  • Student orgs (within the theatre and outside!)
  • How to get help from an advisor
  • General college life questions
  • Anything at all! (If I don’t know I will point you in the right direction!)

Justine Williams

My area of study is Design & Production. In this emphasis we learn about the different elements of design. 

I have been in the department for four years now and became a Program Ally because I wanted to be there for students when others were there for me. 

Ask me about:

  • Practicums
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Student Orgs - USITT

Nixson Benitez

I am a Journalism major with a Theatre minor. I like to get involved with a lot of activism in my hometown and on campus! I am also a Resident Assistant and I am a mentor! Fun Facts about me, I am a Sneakerhead, so if you like shoes or fashion stop by in my Zoom Hours! There is no such thing as a dumb question. I am here to find Where you Belong!

I agreed to serve as a Program Ally because I want to show LatinX representation in the Theatre Department. I am someone who loves having tough conversations, as well as coffee, so if you would like to get a cup of coffee let's go! I am someone who is more than open to speak in Spanish! Si sientes que necesitas un espacio, ¡Estamos aquí para usted! I am excited to represent the minors!Feel free to ask about monologues and where to find monologues, what it's like to be a minor, or even student orgs!

Emily Gillman

I am a Theatre and Communications Teaching major. Split between three departments, but an amazing major that I'd love to help you navigate! I wanted to serve as a Program Ally because this major is very difficult so I want to help as many people as I can!

Ask me about:

  • Understanding and navigating the major 
  • Education requirements 
  • How to get help with advising 
  • Also feel free to talk to me about anything - the concerns you're having as well as any questions! If I can't help I'll try my best to find someone who can!