About the Department

Vision and Mission

Prepare and develop science teachers to effectively implement research-based science instruction in alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards and to be exemplary teacher leaders in their schools, their communities and in science education.  

To enhance the science understanding and practices of grades K-12 students by providing programs that prepare future and develop existing science teachers as well as providing the experiences, professional development and instructional resources necessary to implement research-based pedagogies aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards in their classrooms and schools. Science education is committed to: 

  • The preparation and development of exemplary science teachers as well as the professional support for these teachers;
  • Continued leadership and service in science education in Iowa, the Midwest region and the nation;
  • Scholarship in the areas of research, professional development and curriculum development; and
  • The overall promotion of science education as well as science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) education.