Undergraduate Students

Want to be a science teacher? You’ve come to the right place.

The University of Northern Iowa Science Education program works to prepare science teachers with the content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and experiences needed to be exemplary teachers in their schools.

We offer two interdisciplinary undergraduate majors: the Middle Level Science Teaching major and the Comprehensive Secondary Science Teaching major.

We also serve and support teaching majors from specific science disciplines of earth science, biology, chemistry and physics.

In addition, our program provides special courses specifically for elementary education majors, including a basic science minor (K-8), giving elementary education majors special preparation to teach science.

Requirements for Teaching Approval in Secondary School Science

To be recommended by UNI for approval for a secondary license and science teaching endorsements in a given subject area (secondary, grades 5-12, teaching license), a student must complete a teaching major or minor in that subject area. 

Secondary science teaching majors should also consider picking additional endorsements to teach other science subjects since it is highly likely that they will be teaching more than one science subject. These majors may complete minimum State of Iowa requirements for endorsements. See the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners website for information on the requirements for the following endorsements:

  • 5-12 Biological Science
  • 5-12 Chemistry
  • 5-12 Earth Science
  • 5-12 Basic Science 
  • 5-12 Physics 
  • 5-8 Middle School Science
  • 5-12 All Science  
  • K-8 Elementary Science

Talk to your advisor or the Director of Science Education for details.