Undergraduate Research

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Through unique undergraduate research experiences, our students have the chance to take their learning beyond the classroom – solving real-world problems.

Working side-by-side with professors, you’ll build your resume, develop practical skills that set you apart from the crowd, and have the chance to publish your work for the world to see.

Our department conducts research in the following areas: algebra, analysis, approximation theory, conformal geometry, cognition as it relates to teaching mathematics, culture and race in mathematics teaching, issues in rural mathematics education, functional analysis, number theory, probability, topology and more. 

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Research Opportunities

Research for credit
During spring and fall semesters, research projects can be taken as MATH 4990 for credit toward your major.

Honors research
Research projects are also a part of the University Honors Program as UNIV 4197 (Honors Thesis).

Summer research
In summers, our department supports students through the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP). The program provides a generous stipend for 8 weeks of research under the direction of a faculty member.

We encourage students to talk to their academic advisers, course instructors, or other staff in the math department about research opportunities. If you’d like more information about research opportunities, or have any questions, please contact Professor Hitchman at theron.hitchman@uni.edu