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Looking for information? Here, you can find the production calendar, departmental handbooks, our social media policy, learn about our departmental audition policy and more.

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Production Calendar

Looking for information about TheatreUNI’s current season? Check out our production calendar. Here, you’ll find information about meetings, work calls, rehearsals, auditions, performances and other events specific to our department.

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Practicum vs. Theatre Production

All majors are required to complete three semesters with a Theatre Practicum Assignment. One of those may be gained while performing in a show. Minors are required to complete two Theatre Practicum Assignments.

As you participate in productions after you have successfully completed three practicum assignments, you will continue to receive academic credit for your work. These credits will be gained by your enrollment in Theatre Production. Theatre Production credits count towards your university electives requirement (except in the design and production emphasis where one credit of Theatre Production is required for the major).

The number of credits you receive for a particular Theatre Production assignment – including being cast in shows – will depend on the nature of the work.

All requests for specific practicum assignments should be forwarded to the TheatreUNI production manager.

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Program Allies

Program Allies are students in the theatre department that serve as communication conduits between students and faculty. 

Program Allies:

  •  Serve all Theatre students, and communicate all issues or concerns that are brought to them. 
  • Are not mandatory reporters. 
  •  Represent all emphases (including theatre minors), and strive to be as diverse as possible.

Social Media Policy

Incomplete Policy

Strayer Wood Theatre Production Office/Library Hours

Strayer-Wood Theatre room 125 houses a meeting space and computer lab. The computer lab is accessible from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on a daily basis. This is a space for theatre study and activity. Those students with academic need or student employees working on projects will have priority use of the computers.

SWT 125 also serves as the Production Office for Strayer-Wood Theatre. As such, there will be times when the room is being used for a variety of meetings by production personnel. There are other times when classes may be utilizing the room. During those times, signs will be posted on the door announcing that a meeting is in progress.

The Theatre Script Library is housed in the Communication Arts Center (CAC) primarily in room 257 (the theatre main office). This office is typically open 9-5 on weekdays and closed over the weekend. If you'd like to check out a script you should coordinate with

For a full listing of the scripts available please follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Audition Policy

All Performance emphasis students are required to audition for all Strayer-Wood Theatre productions. Permission to not participate in a given production must be given by the Performance Committee. You must submit a written request which outlines the reasons why you are unable to participate. This should be addressed to the Performance Committee and be turned into the main office. Even if you are unable to participate in a production you must still audition for it.

Participation in UNISTA productions does not excuse you from participation in Strayer-Wood Theatre productions. Requests to not participate in a given production must be submitted prior to auditions so that the directors are aware of student availability.

Preparation is expected for all auditions. Directors will communicate to the Performance Committee the names of those who were not prepared for their audition. 

In order to be eligible for casting in a given semester, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better at the end of the previous semester. Students may be given one exemption semester if their GPA is near the minimum, but once they’ve used their exception they cannot be cast again while ineligible.