Whether it’s creating public art for cities across the region, or showcasing your work in local coffee shops and businesses, the Department of Art works to give our students opportunities to showcase their work, talent and skills as they learn to be practicing artists in their own right. Our faculty build partnerships with other educators, and professionals, which open doors and provide opportunities to our students for professional development throughout their UNI career. 

Paintings of intricate geometric webbing in various colors.

 Studio Art in Berlin

This program is tentatively scheduled to be offered in summer 2022.

The Studio Art in Berlin program provides an insider's view of the contemporary art scene in one of the most active and esteemed art locations in the world. Students will tour both the "famous" and the emerging galleries and artist studios within the city. Students will respond to these cultural day trips with daily drawing and painting assignments, synthesizing this visual inspiration with their own creativity. This studio experience, combined with these contemporary art excursions, provides a unique opportunity for students to learn vital skills in the practice of studio art.

Through the program, students can earn 3 credits of studio art in one of the following courses: 

  • ‌Drawing III
  • Painting III
  • Undergraduate Studio Drawing
  • Undergraduate Studio Painting



Here's what past students have to say about the Studio Art in Berlin program:

"There are so many museums, galleries, and artist talks, which are invaluable to learning about building one's art practice and continuation after college. It was just amazing and I learned so much. I miss Berlin already and wish I could go back tomorrow!"
- Emily, 2018

"The experiences I had in Berlin were as different as night and day. It was incredibly useful to see artists working outside an academic atmosphere in all varieties of media and situations. The freshness of work being shown was truly invigorating. Getting to peruse both low and high-end galleries was perhaps the most excellent source of inspiration."
- Alaina, 2010

Students Gather around a computer to review artwork
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Our Student Organizations

Looking to keep creating while building your skills and working alongside professional faculty? Join one of our student organizations and bolster your time at UNI. Have fun and learn lots. A few of our organizations are listed below: 

  • Printmaking Society
  • Northern Iowa Potters & Sculptors
  • Student Art Educators Association