Biochemistry Major

Biochemistry is the engine that will drive many of the key discoveries in medicine during our lifetime.

Understanding the chemistry of living systems helps us to understand ourselves and to make choices that will improve the lives of millions of people worldwide. Students interested in becoming medical researchers need a strong knowledge of molecular modeling and how forces interact within and between molecules.

Our department offers two tracks: a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biochemistry. The BS track works well for these students as well as those interested in drug development, dosage determination (pharmacokinetics), and toxicology. The BA track is excellent for students who are interested in becoming physicians, dentists, and pharmacists.

Regardless of which track you choose to complete, a biochemistry major provides a solid background in biology combined with a strong understanding of chemistry focused on biological systems.  

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Acceptance Rate

Our department has a 100% acceptance rate for our Biochemistry majors who apply to medical school.

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Research Experience

All our majors have the opportunity to get involved in research with our faculty. Many of our students are co-authors on published papers and several are co-inventors in patent applications. 

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UNI's student chapter of the American Chemical Society has received an Outstanding Chapter Award for 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2018-2019, 2019-2020.


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Explore Chemistry at UNI

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Explore Chemistry at UNI

Careers in Biochemistry

A biochemistry degree offers diverse career potential across a variety of areas. Many of our students go on to medical school, including MD and DO programs. Others go on to conduct graduate research, including both PhD and MD/PhD programs.

Others find work in industry, including working with companies that manufacture pharmaceuticals, develop methods of detecting disease, and companies that create the materials used for these tests and assays.

What sets UNI apart?

Supportive faculty

Faculty here know our students well and work closely with them in classes and research. Caring mentorship is a key strength of our department. We have high expectations for our students and help them to achieve or exceed these.

Well-equipped facilities

Part of the fun of doing any science is working with the equipment. At UNI, students get hands-on experience with a wide range of equipment from spectrophotometers and gas chromatographs to Mass spectrometers and NMR. We are well equipped with excellent technology and the experience with these instruments is noted by companies that hire our majors.

Two students wearing labcoats, masks and goggles performing an experiment.

Hands-on Learning

Our style of learning is anything but textbook. All chemistry and biochemistry majors have the opportunity to get involved in research with our faculty. Many of our students are co-authors on published papers and several are co-inventors in patent applications. Research is conducted during the academic year and also in summer, with summer research students being paid a stipend. In addition, our department sends 10-15 students to the spring meeting of the American Chemical Society to present their research results each year.