About the Department

With professors who are experts in everything from astronomy and meteorology to teaching Earth science and geology, our department broadly covers the study of Earth and environmental sciences.  

Our students go on to careers focusing on our collective home — the Earth. From roles like park conservationist, to teaching in a local classroom or even working for a large company on their sustainability or geological efforts, we have graduates that do it all. No matter what aspect of the earth or the cosmos you're interested in, UNI will help you move in the right direction.

Student in a cave.

Our Mission

The Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences instructs, conducts scholarly inquiry and informs the general public about astronomy, geology, meteorology, oceanography, hydrology, and environmental science and the methods for educating in these areas.

The majors offered by the department all include significant experiential learning components that enhance students' understanding of the Earth and its processes. The department also contributes to graduate and undergraduate programs in Science Education, and has a strong commitment to public outreach and service to the community.