Scholarships & Funding

Scholarships and awards are available to both incoming UNI students (first-year and transfer students) and current UNI students. Your application, completed through the online University Scholarship Application, will be used to apply for college-level scholarships. All applicants will be considered for any of the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences scholarships for which they qualify and have submitted the appropriate supporting documents.

To be considered, nominees for all awards must attend UNI in the following fall semester. To receive the full amount of the award, the student must enroll for both fall and spring semesters of the next academic year.

Other scholarships, listed on the Financial Aid Directory of Scholarships, are available through the various departments in the college. Please see individual department websites for additional scholarship opportunities. For more information regarding financial aid opportunities, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Incoming Students


Current Students

The online application deadline for each of these scholarships (with the exception of the Study Abroad and the Jo Hern Curris Scholarships) is January 15. Nominees will be notified by departments approximately two weeks later and letters will be sent to recipients later in the spring. Applications submitted by UNI seniors should indicate an expected graduation date. Scholarships will become a part of the student’s financial aid package. The scholarship will be credited to the student’s U-bill at the beginning of each semester.