Home to the largest number of majors on campus, our college provides a diverse range of learning opportunities in the visual and performing arts, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences and technology fields.

With 14 departments and a number of interdisciplinary and special programs, the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences offers over 70 majors for students to find their passions. Our graduates have the experiences they need for learning and living in a rapidly changing society, and leave ready to succeed in a wide variety of careers.

What makes CHAS special?

Students benefit from a comprehensive strategy for success: engaged learning opportunities, personalized attention from faculty, manageable class sizes, access to specialized and advanced technology, and a vast array of majors, minors, certificates and coursework to customize their education.

We also engage with all students at the university through the many core courses offered at UNI. Our classes offer non-majors a foundation in the humanities, arts and sciences, which help students develop an ability to think critically about the world around us, communicate effectively with a wide variety of audiences, and work to solve complex problems. By instilling skills for success, CHAS works to prepare all who pass through its doors for advancement in their careers and function as lifelong learners.