Outside the classroom and direct to learning experiences. 

Our college boasts nine different academic centers that expand our educational reach, providing students with unique learning opportunities. From fostering seeds for rare plants in our botanical center, seeking to educate the world on the injustice of the holocaust and genocide, and even bring world class Broadway and entertainment to our region, our centers cover a wide variety of contributions to our university.


Additive Manufacturing Center

A national leader in research and development for the manufacturing industry, the UNI Additive Manufacturing Center (AMC) works directly with industry partners to create new technologies and processes that improve the supply chain. The AMC uses special materials and processes that are not yet commercially available – including North America’s largest 3-D sand printer – to bring new technologies to the marketplace.

Center for Energy & Environmental Education

The mission of the Center for Energy and Environmental Education (CEEE) is to empower Iowans with the knowledge, tools and inspiration needed to create a sustainable and desirable future for the state's communities. The center's projects are community-based and solution-oriented, involving partners across Iowa.

Center for Holocaust & Genocide Education

The center, established in 2010, advocates for a prominent role for Holocaust and genocide education on campus, in the community and in the curriculum of Iowa's schools. It aims to be the primary information, resource and technical support center for Holocaust and genocide education in Iowa for teachers, school administrators and students.

Center for Teaching & Learning Mathematics

The Center for Teaching and Learning Mathematics (CTLM) at the University of Northern Iowa is committed to research, development, and delivery of high-quality educational resources and experiences. Making Sense of Mathematics and Teaching, a professional development series of courses, deepen teachers' understanding of mathematics content and helps them implement research-based.

Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center

The Gallagher Bluedorn was built through a private/public partnership some 20 years ago. It quickly grew in use, and now hosts 100% more events than originally planned for. While many know the Gallagher Bluedorn for its artist series that hosts world class artists, most events at the GBPAC are in direct support of the academic mission and life of the university.

Metal Casting Center

UNI’s Metal Casting Center is a nationally recognized leader in foundry research, applied technology and technical business assistance. The UNI Additive Manufacturing Center (AMC) leads in research and development for the manufacturing industry, helping businesses improve processes with the latest technology.

Tallgrass Prairie Center

The Tallgrass Prairie Center's mission is to restore native vegetation for the benefit of society and environment through research, education and technology.

Botanical Center

For over 70 years, as part of their educational mission, the UNI Biology Botanical Center on central campus has housed a distinct array of living plants. This extensive and well displayed Teaching Collection contains a diversity of species that range from ancient tree ferns and cycads to a large number of economically important varieties from around the world.