The Dean's Office is here to help our students and faculty achieve their goals and aspirations. 

From planning the strategic direction of the college to everyday tasks in support of our mission, the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences Dean's Office staff is committed to the work of support and stewardship for all involved with our college. Each day we are happy to serve our students, faculty, alumni, and donors in a strong and visionary way for the future.

John Fritch Image

John Fritch

(319) 273-2725

Steve Carignan Image

Steve Carignan

Associate Dean
(319) 273-2725

Maureen Clayton Image

Maureen Clayton

Associate Dean
(319) 273-2725

Jennifer Cooley Image

Jennifer Cooley

​Associate Dean

Stephanie Saak

Stephanie Thorp

Administrative Assistant
(319) 273-2725

Ami Roeding

Ami Roeding

(319) 273-2725

Sarah Pauls Photo

Sarah Pauls

​Marketing Manager
(319) 273-2817

Michaela Kendall Image

Michaela Kendall

Marketing Specialist
(319) 273-6809

Dan Breitbach Image

Dan Breitbach

Director of Development​
(319) 273-7727

Cassie Luze Image

Cassie Luze

​Sr. Director of Development
(319) 273-6360

Kevin Culpepper Image

Kevin Culpepper

Electronics Technician
(319) 273-5933