Student Life

Think, Create, Discover

Students in CHAS don’t just show up for class; they get involved. We pride ourselves on valuable experiential learning opportunities, combining classroom work with real-world applications such as internships and participation in student organizations.


Student Organizations

In our college alone, we have over 50 student organizations across our 70 majors. These organizations provide students extra enrichment in their area of passion and a chance to make lasting connections with their peers. There are clubs for art, microbiology, philosophy and speech-pathology, and societies for printmaking, percussive arts and professional journalists. These interactions expand the college experience and prepare students for the dynamic world outside of college.

engineering and physics student Eli fox

Engaged Learning

Hands-on, engaged learning experiences give our students a deeper understanding of the fields they’re interested in. Students studying STEM fields work on undergraduate research and design projects, many of which are published in peer-reviewed journals or presented to various audiences. Others have the chance to present their projects at local conferences held on campus, or travel to conferences supported by their department.

cabaret performance by TheatreUNI

Creative Expression

Majors in creative fields are provided outlets for expression and practical experience as well. Student-run operations such as the KULT radio station, UNI-TV and the Grafx Club give undergrads a place to get real-world experience. Both majors and non-majors can perform in a wide variety of arts activities available on campus. The UNI School of Music boasts more than 20 music ensembles and the Department of Theatre’s large-scale productions are open to anyone. Art majors work with nationally renowned faculty, produce creations in their chosen media, and apply their skills through client-based work and design-related internships.

Fostering Engagement

CHAS goes beyond simply teaching and creates opportunities to engage students and prepare them to become active, contributing members of society.

By partnering with local businesses, organizations and institutions throughout the Cedar Valley and Iowa, our students are helping others, while gaining valuable lifelong experiences.

Community engagement is integral to educating students in the evolving world and allowing for meaningful connections through a variety of outreach programs. We encourage intellectual, social and civic development to create well-rounded graduates ready to succeed at their chosen careers and at life.