Faculty and Staff

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At the University of Northern Iowa, your professors are scholars who put teaching first. They emphasize learning — both inside and outside the classroom — that will help you connect your education to the real world. 

Get to know our department, and learn more about our faculty and staff by browsing the directory below.


Name Title Program Phone Email
Bryan Benham Instructor Technology & Engineering Education 319-273-2561 bryan.benham@uni.edu
Jessica Booth Instructor Graphic Technology 319-273-2561 jessica.booth@uni.edu
Dr. Lee Geisinger Assoc. Professor (tenure track) Graphic Technology 319-273-2584 lg@uni.edu
Dr. Scott Giese Professor (tenured) Manufacturing Engineering Technology 319-273-7083 scott.giese@uni.edu
Ben Griffen Instructor Construction Management 319-273-7321 ben.griffen@uni.edu
Dr. Ali Kashef Professor (tenured) Technology Management 319-273-2596 ali.kashef@uni.edu
Dr. P.N. Rao Professor (tenured) Manufacturing Engineering Technology 319-273-6429 posinasetti.rao@uni.edu
Adam Reilly Instructor Technology & Engineering Education 319-273-2561 reilada@uni.edu
Dr. R. Srikant Revuru Assoc. Professor (tenured) Manufacturing Engineering Technology 319-273-2909 rukmini.revuru@uni.edu
Dr. Lisa Riedle Department Head & Professor Construction Management 319-273-2758 lisa.riedle@uni.edu
Brian Rumsey Instructor   319-273-2561 brian.rumsey@uni.edu
Gil Schultz Instructor   319-273-2561 gil.schultz@uni.edu
Randy Sharp Instructor Construction Management 319-273-2561 randy.sharp@uni.edu
Dr. Shahram VarzaVand Professor (tenured) Construction Management 319-273-6428 varzavand@uni.edu
Dr. Julie Zhang Professor (tenured) Manufacturing Engineering Technology 319-273-2590 julie.zhang@uni.edu
Dr. Jin Zhu Professor (tenured) Electrical Engineering Technology 319-273-2597 jin.zhu@uni.edu


Name Title Location Phone Email
Sheri Bishop Clerk IV Metal Casting Center/Additive Manufacturing Center 319-273-6894 sheri.bishop@uni.edu
Leo Cedomio Lab Manager Industrial Technology Center 319-273-2532 cedomiol@uni.edu
Joshua O'Dell Research Associate Metal Casting Center 319-273-7094 joshua.odell@uni.edu
Sairam Ravi Metal Casting Center Project Manager Industrial Technology Center 319-273-2724 ravis@uni.edu
Russell Roth Lab Manager Industrial Technology Center 319-273-7406 russell.roth@uni.edu
Brenda Rottinghaus Secretary III Industrial Technology Center 319-273-2561 brenda.rottinghaus@uni.edu
Chris Shaw Recruitment Coordinator/Academic Advisor Industrial Technology Center 319-273-3258 christopher.shaw@uni.edu
Jerry Thiel AMC/MCC Director Industrial Technology Center 319-273-7085 gerard.thiel@uni.edu
Kristi Wagner Business Manager Metal Casting Center/Additive Manufacturing Center 319-273-2981 kristi.wagner@uni.edu

Emeritus Faculty

  • Dr. M. Roger Betts
  • Dr. Ronald D. Bro
  • Dr. Ervin A. Dennis
  • Dr. Stephen Eggers
  • Dr. Mohammed F. Fahmy​
  • Dr. John T. Fecik​
  • Mr. Arnold J. Freitag
  • Dr. Douglas Hotek
  • Dr. Charles D. Johnson
  • Dr. Rex W. Pershing
  • Dr. Douglas T. Pine
  • Mr. Willis H. Wagner
  • Dr. Michael R. White