UNIFI: Civic Literacy, Engagement & the Humanities

Coming Fall 2024!

VotingThis interdisciplinary certificate emphasizes training in civic literacy and the humanities that addresses how to contribute to the flourishing of a democratic society. It will introduce students to the knowledge, skills and dispositions associated with civic literacy and the humanities disciplines that prepare them for a life of meaningful engagement with democratic processes at the local, regional, national and international levels.



Civic Knowledge
Complete one of the following (3 credit hours):  

ENGL 2420 Survey of American Literature
HIST 1110 U.S. History to the Civil War & Emancipation
HIST 1120 U.S. History since the Civil War & Emancipation
POL AMER 1024 Power & Politics in the U.S.
POL INTO 1024 International Relations
RELS 1060 American Religious Diversity
RELS 2600 Religion & the Public Schools

Civic Values
Complete one of the following (3 credit hours):  

SOC FOUND 2274 Democracy & Education in the 21st Century
COMM 2257 Argumentation & Debate
ENGL 1050 Law & Literature
POL THRY 1050 Intro to Political Theory: Freedom, Justice & Power

Civic Skills
Complete one of the following (3 credit hours):  

RELS 3180 Religion & Politics: (Topics)
PHIL 1040 Justice & the Good Life: Philosophical Perspectives
ENGL 2015 Introduction to Writing Studies
POL AMER 1048 Introduction to Public Administration
HIST 1210 Making the Modern World