Inner Weather

Want to cut your chops in the literary world? Inner Weather is UNI’s student-run literary magazine, housed in the Department of Languages and Literatures. Published annually, the magazine highlights fiction, nonfiction, poetry and artwork submitted by students, faculty and staff. A team of contributing editors works diligently through the year, supervising every stage in the publication process from initial publicity and selection, to layout, editing, proofing, printing and distribution.

Under the guidance of a faculty advisor, students interested in the world of editing can gain hands-on experience in publication. The magazine is roughly 70 pages, featuring anywhere from 10 to 30 writers. Inner Weather also publishes the winner of the Roberta S. Tamres Award, a science fiction contest established by former UNI Provost Aaron Podolevsky.

Cover of Inner Weather 2024
UNI's Student Literary Magazine

Inner Weather 2024

Editors in Chief        Antonia Goodwin, Lauren Hanssen
Editors                      Dylan Lundquist (Art), Katey Tegtmeyer (Art), Cora Twedt (Poetry), Riley McCall (Fiction), Lauren Fetzer (Nonfiction)
Copyeditor               Kylie Hudson    
Readers                    Damian Gray (Fiction), Antonia Goodwin and Maze Vizecky (Poetry), Elise McDowell (Nonfiction)
Faculty Advisor       Vince Gotera 

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How can I submit my work?

Those interested in submitting to the magazine can share submissions via email to (in Microsoft Word format).

Contributors may submit as often as they’d like, but each submission should include the author's name, phone number and email address. The deadline for submission is late in the fall semester, and the printed magazine is available late in the spring semester. 

Want to join the team?

Students interested in volunteering for Inner Weather are encouraged to contact the editor at