Graduate Assistantships

Gain hands-on experience

The Department of Languages & Literatures and the UNI Graduate College welcome students to apply for financial support in the form of Graduate Assistantships and Graduate Tuition Scholarships.

Graduate assistants in English, TESOL, and TESOL/Spanish may be assigned teaching positions, or they may be assigned research-related positions; these include a range of non-teaching positions relevant to the student’s area of study, such as working for individual professors on projects, working for UNI’s Culture and Intensive English Program (CIEP), or working for the nation’s oldest literary magazine, the North American Review.

Graduate Tuition Scholarships

Graduate Tuition Scholarships are awarded to qualifying graduate students as a half or full scholarship at the in-state tuition rate. (Students who receive an assistantship are counted as in-state for their tuition, regardless of their permanent address.) Tuition Scholarships do not cover fees and no service or work is done in exchange for a scholarship.

Generally, Tuition Scholarships and/or Assistantships are awarded for one academic year. At the end of that period, students are encouraged to apply for a continuation of funding. If a student was originally denied funding, a new request for funding may be submitted as deadlines approach. For the fall term, the application deadline is February 1; for the spring, November 1.

Students should submit Assistantship and Scholarship applications at the same time they submit the admission application and supporting documents. However, students will receive an admission decision before they will be notified of funding.

Graduate Assistantships and Graduate Tuition Scholarship applications can be found at

Both applications should be sent to Applications also can be sent as email attachments. Please follow the instructions included on the Assistantship and Scholarship forms.

Questions regarding admission, funding, and program requirements may be directed to Dr. Karen Tracey, Graduate Coordinator, at