About the Department

The Department of Communication and Media is dedicated to providing our students with experiential learning opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom, that will help them prepare for a career in a communication-related field. 

The department faculty consists of 25 full-time faculty, plus adjuncts and graduate teaching assistants, serving over 500 undergraduate students, and about 35 graduate students.

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Our mission is to:

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‌Assist students in becoming informed, responsible, creative and critical communicators

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‌Enhance student knowledge of, and skill in, the construction, interpretation and distribution of communication in diverse cultural and global communities 

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‌Promote theoretical understanding and professional/personal practice of effective and ethical human communication between and within a broad range of contexts and communities.

This means students learn not only what to do in any given situation, but why they are doing it. Communication and media students are able to adapt and respond to changing circumstances, continually becoming better communicators and media professionals.